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meet other travelers during our evening events.

Movie Night (Rooftop 9 pm)

Sit back and relax on our rooftop terrace and watch a great movie with your fellow travelers. Grab some free popcorn and enjoy a classic movie with the backdrop of the Toronto skyline.

Trivia Night (Rooftop at 8 pm)

Test your knowledge as you tackle fiendish questions on a variety of subjects. Form a crack team to prove your intelligence and win a prize!

Games Night (Rooftop at 8 pm)

Choose from our extensive selection of board games to meet new friends or relax and play cards with a buddy.

Pub Crawl (meet at Reception at 9 pm)

Explore the local bar scene, try some great drink and maybe sing some karaoke with your new best friend!
If you remember it the next day you are not doing it right.

Arts & Craft Night (Rooftop at 8 pm)

Wind down and express yourself with the cityscape as your inspiration.
You were made to create!

BBQ/Pasta Dinner (Rooftop at 7pm)

Chill out, grab a beer and feast on tasty food handmade by Chef Anthony. If is hot the grill's out, if it's wintertime no worries, warm up with a delicious bowl of pasta or two.

Bingo Night (Rooftop at 8 pm)

Grab your card and marker and get ready to shout BINGO!
Who knows you could win a little bit of spending money, shots of vodka are always nice too!

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